As a researcher and clinician, I am awed each day to see how the right diet can calm inflammation, ease IBD symptoms and heal the body. The majority of patients in our clinical trials I have been part of achieved remission within 12 weeks. Let’s discover what diet can do for you.


Crohn's Disease (CD)

Ulcerative colitis (UC)

Indeterminate Colitis (IC)

Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)

What is your next step?

Do you fear your next flare and hope to head it off?

Have you been told that your only option left is medication or surgery?

Are you wondering if the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD), Exclusive Enteral Nutrition (EEN) or other dietary therapy might be right for you?

For patients & parents

You or your child deserve access to the same dietary therapies that have helped our clinical study participants reduce IBD symptoms and achieve remission. I help you set up and follow proven protocols, either on their own or in conjunction with your current GI treatments.

For health professionals

If you've always suspected dietary approaches could do more for your patients, my mentoring options could be your next step. As a healer versed in proven dietary solutions for IBD, you'll be equipped to tackle challenging cases, achieve consistent results, and grow your practice.

For health organizations

It's time to advance the promise and practice of dietary therapies for IBD. If your work touches the IBD population, I can spread the word as your speaker or spokesperson. If your center treats IBD patients, I'll help you create programs that improve patient outcomes.

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Flares Happen!

You can't always put your life on hold when IBD rears its head, but you can make this your easiest flare yet. My proven diet and lifestyle tips support your gut, body, mind & emotions for a faster recovery and a longer remission.


Discover My 3D-DietaryTM Approach

Dietary perspectives to achieve or maintain remission

With inflammatory bowel disease, food can feel like the enemy. With the right dietary approach, food becomes medicine. Your customized dietary solution will ease your symptoms, heal your gut, and support your total wellness.


Research Partners

My Patients Talk about Dietary Therapy

“The SCD has given Jackson his life back.”

— Shelly, Mom

"We struggled for 5 years before finding Kim."

— Kristi and Carson

“We weren't ready for biologics so we tried dietary therapy.”

— Rocco, Lisa and Mia

“Kim truly saved us”

– Rocco and Lisa, Parents

“Kim’s work is groundbreaking. I'm in remission.”

– Anthony K, Patient

“Knowledgeable, communicative and kind”

– JC, Parent

“Kim was right there with us, caring for our child.”

– Anna H, Parent

“Coming back from a rocky start.”

– Andreas Q, Patient

“My son has maintained his remission for 5 years.”

– Ingrid E, Parent

Is Your Child’s Weight
Dropping Fast?

You don't have to stand helpless during an IBD flare. Feed your child foods proven to minimize triggers, calm inflammation, and repair the gut. Get them healing and growing!

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Cinnamon “Squares”

Mini Pumpkin Pie Tart Recipe

Pumpkin Pie Mini Tart Recipe

chocolate fudge SCD vonda recipe image

SCD Honey Caramel and Modified SCD Fudge Recipes

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